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How do you know you need a new kitchen?

Well, some ways you know is the signs of wear and tear for instance you may open a door to your cabinet and your holding the bottom of the door with your foot while juggling the bread maker and measuring jugs or platters, you know those items you hardly use as you don't really want to go in that cupboard often. Yes that's multi tasking. What about that spot that your guest rub their hands over because they think you've missed a spot when cleaning, yes you can say I did clean that, (maybe you cleaned it a little to well?)

Or maybe you just don't look forward to being in your kitchen, meal times a drag! First morning coffee? Rather go to the cafe.

For me I love my kitchen I look forward to cooking and not because I'm a great chef, but because I get to stand in the middle of my U shape kitchen with a breakfast bar on one side and pretend I'm a great chef I have a 2.500 meter breakfast bar that houses 3 bar stools I get to talk to my guest while throwing random flour in the air and occasionally sip on Brown brothers Riesling before dishing up rice risotto with Mediterranean chicken and warm butter bean salad and of course present it like i'm a 5 star restaurant owner.

Well the answer is, if you are not having fun in your kitchen and your kitchen has seen better days, then it may be time to give it a make over!

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