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Can you make a return on your kitchen?

The short answer is yes. Kitchens dominate our homes and so investing in a kitchen when renovating, depending on the region can make a return of somewhere between 78-98% of its cost in added home value, major kitchen renovations can return up to 121%.

This reminded me of my own home buying experience. One of the reasons I was attracted to my home was because of the kitchen. But to really set the scene for this story I need to tell you I was not even in the market for a home but even better still I was on holiday in another part of the country when I first saw my home. I had gotten a text from my great amazing friends telling me they had a spare day and decided to go to open homes, then my phone was flooded with pictures from all the open homes they were at, I decided to look up on the internet on the homes for sale site and I text them to check out a particular house, the main reason was the kitchen now I won't bore you with details but 4 months later I was sitting in that kitchen and 1 year later I still am. Yes before you ask I did get a builders report and check everything else out, but what initially attracted me into looking at it, was the kitchen.

So the benefits of renovating your kitchen is that you get to enjoy a new kitchen, the value of the house will increase and if you sell the house you will know that you could get most if not all your money back. Now that's a win / win situation.

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