How to achieve clean lines in your kitchen

During a kitchen consultation with our clients it is important to understand the way they "see" things. People may feel very uncomfortable when objects are misaligned. These objects may be cabinet doors lining up, finishing heights for cabinetry including tall cabinetry and wall units and also drawers in base units to be aligned to match with all other drawers in the room. There is also the balancing for instance if you have a oven in the middle of the wall you may want cabinetry on one side to match to the same cabinetry on the other side.

And handles whether strip handles for the no handle look or handles in general the lining them up is also a way to achieve clean lines.

Today it was so lovely to have a client come in to view her kitchen in the factory from the start she happily let me know that lines are important to her, so while spending the time going over the placement of her handles one of the final details of her kitchen, I can see that her look has been achieved.

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