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Where do I begin when designing my kitchen?

The trends in kitchens have shifted, actually kitchens today have never been so trendy, once upon a time the kitchen was hidden and insignificant, now kitchens are the focal point of our homes one of the first places you go to in the morning and last places you visit at night, the spot to entertain and style...well it seems there are no limitations when it comes to style, other than your budget of course! However we are still conservative creatures so where to start?

Usually you start with visualizing, looking up pictures in magazines and pinterest, those are all good places to start it helps you to identify a particular style that you are more drawn to, and this is a reflection of your personality, have you ever walked into a brightly colored kitchen and the owners are as quirky as quirky gets and.... it suits them!

Well bring your scrap book filled with pictures of your dream kitchen and lets compare! because the next place to start is with your kitchen designer.

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